Cristian Luca

activist + photographer + poet

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Cristian was born and raised on Long Island, NY where he made tomato sauce every summer at his grandparents house and would always insist on taking his bicycle everywhere. When he moved to Manhattan, he pursued a Bachelors degree in Women & Gender studies at Pace University. 

"I believe it's very telling of my personality that I'm a self-taught photographer and poet. It's my passion that brought me to my goals and the ones I'm still working toward."

During his studies he became the founder of the A-Z Project. A digital multi-media campaign advocating for LGBTQ+ equality. The project created videos such as “Reacting to Homophobic & Transphobic Tweets”, “Rainbow”, and “Thoughts on Valentine’s Day.”  The project expanded into a podcast called “Closet Party.” A show that reclaimed the closet space, with rotating hosts, in order to discuss topics such as marijuana, daily practice’s, America becoming totalitarian,  and much more. The final venture for the project was the “Open Hearts Rally.” An event where student leaders and activists spoke on the obstacles their communities were facing. There were speakers from Lavender Ladies, PaceUEndRape, LGBTQA and Social Justice Center, and more. 


Cristian’s art is a daily practice. It’s giggle-worthy, vivid, rude, sexual, and uninhibited.

Constantly being shifted and reworked. Searching for the moments that are worth remembering.